About Me

For those of you who don’t already know I try y best to live my life around a whole foods plant based diet. I have learned a lot about personal health and diet through my journey and have started this blog to share with everyone my favorite foods, recipes, and thoughts on eating a plant based diet.

To share a little about my journey, it really started back in 2014. Prior to that my wife and I were on a fast track to becoming extremely unhealthy. When we lived in upstate NY, we worked hours at stressful jobs and fell into a routine of eating fast food and quick meals that were heavily processed. We gained weight, became sluggish, and had many health issues. There was a point in time where my wife was on many prescriptions and had to take pills throughout the entire day. This was not a good way for us to live. We were in our early twenties and needed to change. When we moved to Charlotte, NC in 2012 we vowed to make that change.

Things happened for us slowly but we kept at it. We began eating healthier foods and cooking at home more. We utilized the gym at our apartment complex and began losing weight and regaining our energy for life. Fast forward a few years when we bought our house to the time when we decided to make the biggest change to our lives for our health. My wife came to me with the decision to join the Beachbody community. She wanted to sign up for a personal coach we knew from college. I was reluctant but told her I would do it for her. We got our first home workout and I have not looked back since. These programs have changed our lives. Along with doing our program we really started modifying our diet. We started eating clean and this is the thing that really pushed us to the next level. We began cooking a lot more, using fresh ingredients, and putting the right foods into our bodies. We used this time to cut back on our meat intake and being that my wife is lactose intolerant we cut out most dairy.

This new change was gradual but eventually led us to make the decision to cut out all dairy ad meat all together. We currently only eat things that are plant based. If you ask us, we are not vegan simply because we do not strictly follow those guidelines. We eat a whole food, plant based diet. This is not a whole lifestyle change. I still use regular personal hygiene products and don’t wear clothes made from burlap. We made an honest choice to change our diet for health reasons and it has paid off. My wife is pill free, we are both at healthy weights, full of energy, and love life. This was a choice for us and no one else. I am however doing this blog to open up peoples eyes to see that we are not crazy for doing it. I’m not saying you have to live our life but I want people to understand it. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy my posts.

For tips and other inspiration on health and fitness please like and follow me on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/themandrew704 and instagram @themandrew704

Andrew and Melissa



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