Hey Everyone!

Hey guys, this is my new blog, Veggie and the Full Effect. Welcome to my world. This is set up to tell my journey through a plant based diet. My plan is to share with you what it is that Melissa and I do with our diet. Yes we gave up meat and dairy but that doesn’t mean we don’t eat great food. I will share my favorite recipes and thoughts on how to eat food that excludes meat and dairy. Every now and then I may throw in something exercise related but my main goal is to show everyone how much fun we are having with creating new and exciting meals for ourselves and the health benefits of taking on this lifestyle. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me as well. I also take requests so if you’d like to see something just ask and I’ll try my best to cook it and share it. I already have a pretty great list of things we have made since starting this journey so over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting them. I love to cook and find new things to make so hopefully this will be a great way to keep me going while providing some great inspiration to others who want to try new fun foods. Enjoy!



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